Low pricing on domain registration and reliable web hosting at E-Business Startups
Choosing a web host can be tricky.
1. You want to make sure that you've one that offers room to expand even as your company or your personal needs grow.
2.You want to know that you have the necessary technical support if you plan to edit your site and you've difficulties.
3. Please be careful of those that offer "unlimited" data etc. If you read the fine print which is usually listed under "terms and services" you will realize that it means “normal site usage.” whatever that means. When you go over you may face extra changes or run into other hurdles.
4. Bandwidth is important. Bandwidth is the total sum of data that your host allows you and your visitors to upload and download (cumulatively) in a given month. If your website is 1 megabyte of data and your monthly bandwidth is 10 MB. when you upload the entire site you've used up one MB of bandwidth and you have 9 left to share with your visitors. If any visitor to your site looks at all the pages , he would have used another 1MB of data of the 9 MB left. i’m sure you get the picture of how quickly you can run out of MB depending on the number of visitors you get per month. When you reach your maximum, you'll either be charged for extra MB or visitors cannot view your pages. For busy sites for instance if you need to upload videos etc., it is best practice to host the video on YouTube or another video host and place the link on your website. This way your website will load faster.

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